Zigzag Separators - Air Classification

Rotajet zigzag separators are an important tool when processing high quality recycled granulate. These systems are typically installed after drying stages and prior to bagging off and are used to reduce contaminants and remove any fine particles.

Rotajet zigzag separators increase the value of your recycled polymer by not only reducing the level of contamination but also by removing fine particles. Fines cause problems during extruding as they are more difficult to process through an extruder, meaning a reduction in the value of your out feed material should this step not be included.

Zig zag separators plastic recycling

How does zig-zag separator operate?

The plastic granulate is fed into the system from above through a variable speed rotary valve, used to ensure a controlled fall of material.  Air flows upwards through the separator, against the falling product. Fine particles and contaminants such as paper are caught by the flowing air and blown against the flow of material into a collection bin for reprocessing or disposal, depending on your requirements.

If you would like to learn more about our Zigzag separators please dont hesitate to get in touch with our technical team on the link below. We have other 30 years experience helping our customers refine their operation to increase their efficiency and products.

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