Spiral Elevators for Plastics

Spiral Elevators provide an effective means of conveying plastic granulate vertically whilst vastly reducing the footprint necessary, when compared to belt or screw systems. The vibration produced from the two motors, oscillate the product up slowly toward the top. 

The moderate speed and the length of the spiral track allows the product to travel further than regular conveyors. This makes the machine ideal for cooling material down without holding production. Warm or hot product can become cold through either room temperature or using cool water which is used under the spiral.

Spiral elevators produce a smooth harmonic vibratory motion, these intuitive machines produce a micro-throwing motion that moves the product without causing product degradation. The kinetic energy is provided by two unbalanced motors at the top of the helical tower that creates an oscillating vibration. These forces move the particles up the spiral and into the next stage of processing

If appropriate the increased dwell time may be utilised to allow for futher processes to be conducted in the same machine. Rotajet systems have successfully utilised spiral elevators for thermally drying as well as dewatering material

Manufactured completely out of stainless steel and fully welded, our spiral elevators are perfect for conveying plastics as well as metal turnings, foodstuffs and chipped timber. These machines are simple to install and due to the reduced number of moving parts are simple to maintain, reducing downtime.

Spiral Elevators – Still Unsure?

At Rotajet we pride ourselves on producing solutions not just machinery. That’s why we conduct full trials on any non-standard material to ensure your process requirements match the capability of the equipment at our dedicated test facility in West Yorkshire.

For more information about how a spiral elevator can be integrated into your process please get in touch with us directly or fill out an enquiry form on the link below and we will contact you within one working day.