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The Solution to Recycling Mixed Rigid Plastics

Recycling mixed rigid plastics differ from other recycling process such as PP, PE or PET, due to the fact that the in-feed material contains multiple types of plastics. It is important to follow industry guideline  on the types of materials applicable for bailing and recycling in this way, as a failure to do so may result in bails being rejected.

To gain maximum value, many waste management companies are choosing to install a system to produce plastic granulate from bailed mixed rigid plastics. Rotajet have installed many recycling lines for processing mixed rigid plastics, allowing them to maximise their profit margins and optimise their business. To account for our customers’ varying needs, Rotajet offer standard recycling lines for processing mixed rigid plastics in varying capacities from 500Kg to 3MT.

Shredder In typical situations, a shredder is used for the initial size reduction of the material. The feed stock is normally reduced down to a shred of 40-50mm.

RJ-PW75 Prewasher This powerful scroll washer is used to remove the bulk of the contaminants such as dirt, dust and paper fractions mixed in with the assorted rigid plastics.

RJ-HKS70 Sink Float TankDuring this process, Polyolefins and plastics are separated according to their specific density. Plastics with a specific density higher than 1.00 become the sinking fraction whilst the Polyolefins become the floating fraction.

RJ-MD75 Mechanical DryerBoth the sinking and floating fractions are then dried separately in a high-speed mechanical dryer.

RJ-ZZ Zigzag separator Foam and polystyrene are removed from the floating fraction, whilst small metal, dirt and glass particles are removed from the sinking fraction.

NIR Sorting  –  Both streams are then passed through NIR sorting separately. The floating fraction is split into PE and PP, whilst the sinking fraction is sorted into PVC, ABS and PET.

RJ-GR55 – Granulators are then used on each of the resulting streams to create an even particle size, suitable for extrusion.

To learn more about how a Rotajet recycling line can be installed in your facility, please contact our technical team on the link below and we can offer individual advice tailored to your situation.

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