RJ Turbo plastic dryer

Plastic Dryer - RJ-Turbo Friction Dryer

Drying plastic can be a difficult process. In many cases, multiple machines are required to bring the moisture content down to suitable levels for extrusion. That’s why we have developed a new type of plastic dryer, the RJ-Turbo friction dryer. 

How does the RJ-Turbo plastic dryer work?

As the wet polymer particles enter the plastic dryer, the impact of the chromium carbide paddles impart centrifugal force on the material. This forces the moisture through the perforated screen whilst retaining the desire material inside the chamber. 

Each of the 32 paddles present on the RJ-Turbo rotor can be individually calibrated to provide an application specific balance between throughput and drying capability. 

This machine is available as a standalone machine, ready to be retrofitted into any existing plastic washing plant. If required Rotajet can provide the RJ-Turbo as a full process plant, utilising more of our recycling machinery.

Technical Data

Material of Construction 304ss
Length (mm) 2910
Width (mm) 1185
Height (mm) 1950
Motor Power (kW) 55
Inverter Opti-Drive
Max Speed (rpm) 3000
Screen Type Hexagonal (Clam Type)
Gauge of Steel (mm) 2
Paddle Material Chromium Carbide
Screen Size 3mm (optional)
plastic dryer and washer
RJ- Turbo plastic dryer


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Drying Machinery

Rotajet produces a range of machinery for drying plastic materials. This video shows a mixed rigid plastic recycling line, which incorporates drying equipment before bagging off. 

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