Rotary Washers​

Rotary plastic washers such as Rotajets RJ-RDW range are an excellent choice for washing contaminated plastic in order to guarantee the purity of your granulate.

The contaminated shredded plastics are fed into the machine by an infeed conveyor fitted with magnet separation.  The RDW is fitted with a wash and rinse section. The shredded or granulated plastic is transferred through the drum and is initially washed with a 1% caustic solution, heated to 65-70°C. The caustic ensures that any residual chemicals, oils or grease is removed from the shredded plastics. The washed plastics are then transferred into the rinsing section where the plastic is rinsed with water to ensure all chemical residues are removed. 

To account for our customers varying needs our RDW rotary washers are available in multiple sizes with varying throughput rates. Depending on the material being processed the RDW series can achieve throughput rates ranging from 250KG up to 3,000KG per hour. For higher throughput applications we would recommend Rotajet screw conveyor washers. All RDW systems are fitted with integral sumps and all wash and rinse liquids are filtered prior to reuse to maximise the working life of the wash and rinse solutions.

The RDW system can also be used as a pre-wash for removal of inert particles, such as glass or sand, to protect up-stream wet granulators and other high speed rotating equipment.

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