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ZCS | Compact combined Shredder/ Granulator

The ZCS size reduction system combines a shredder with a granulator in a single space saving system for the processing of production waste.


The shredder and granulator are individually driven, allowing for better control of the complete process. The shredder is driven via a gearbox on the shaft end on one side of the rotor while the granulator is driven by a separate belt drive.

Due to the compact design it is ideal for in house recycling applications. The closed system reduces the risk of contamination in the output material compared to a traditional two stage system.


Large combined shredder granulator


The Shredder

The shredder part equipped with a 400 mm diameter E rotor using a proven knife and knife holder design. Driven by a high-torque gear drive which in comparison to a direct drive, also handles tougher input materials well. The large material hopper and the powerful horizontal pusher allow processing of voluminous as well as heavier parts.


The Granulator

The lower part of the system consists of a 3-blade granulator rotor based on the GST series. The shredder and granulator are matched to work together ideally and in conjunction with an advanced control system ensure smooth reliable operation.


ZCS 600
With Integrated Blower system


ZCS 1400
For larger parts


Large combined shredder granulator

Key Features:


  • Compact space saving design
  • Low noise emission
  • Versatile size reduction concept
  • Flexible discharge options


Lumps and purgings shredding recycling


The ZCS system has been developed mainly focused on blow- and injection molding, but can be used in other fields as well such as:

  • Lumps and purgings
  • Carpet processing
  • Plastics
  • In-house waste
  • Flush

Compact design

The small foot print allows the system to be integrated into existing factory workshops easily. Being a closed system also reduces the risk of contamination compared to using a conveyor belt in a traditional two stage recycling system.


compact Combined shredder and granulator
Dimensions shredder granulator ZCS

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