Slow Speed Plastic Granulator - Zerma GSL Series

Slow speed granulators in the GSL series are ideal beside the press machines for use in injection and blow moulding to grind runners, sprues and rejected products.

Each granulator in the GSL series briefly comprises; a sturdy rotor system, specially-designed knives, and a quick-snap-system for easy front plate removal.
These purpose-built machine features not only make cleaning and maintenance work quick and easy, but also significantly reduce the risks of machine downtime.
With two available models, the GSL 180 and GSL 300, these granulators can be used as either central or beside-the-press granulators, for use with a wide range of materials.

Key machine benefits:

  • Direct driven staggered rotor
  • Unique knife design eliminates need for adjustment after resharpening
  • Easy and tool less access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Slow rotor speed creates less noise and dust
  • Easily customizable to suit different applications

All GSL models can be equipped with a built in blower system in case a vacuum loading system is not available, or to transport the ground material to bags for storage.

Depending upon the specific application, each machine can also be fitted with a wide variety of hoppers, and mounted on either low or high level base frames with matching suction bins or bag filling adapters.

Zerma GSL 180 - Granulator

Slow speed granulators in the GSL 180 range are mainly used in injection and blow molding processes as beside the press machines to grind runners and sprues.

Featuring a staggered 180mm diameter rotor with widths ranging from 180 to 430 mm, the granulators in this range can also be suited for use with rejected products in the inline recycling process, as well as a range of other applications.

Materials are fed into the granulator via a sound absorbing feed hopper before processing in the cutting chamber; resulting granules can then be reintroduced back into the production process.

During the operation of the machine, the low rotor speed of the GSL 180 granulator reduces the noise level of the machine whilst also creating minimal dust when grinding.

With different hopper and base frame options available, the GSL 180 can be easily integrated with most injection moulding machines and robots.

Zerma GSL 300 - Granulator

Slow speed granulators in the GSL 300 range feature similar machine benefits to those of the GSL 180, and are ideal for use in all of the same applications.

However, their stronger design and larger rotor also makes them suitable for use with harder and thicker materials as low noise central granulators, for small throughput requirements.

Featuring a staggered 300 mm diameter rotor with widths ranging from 400 to 800 mm, these granulators are operated in the same way as the GSL 180, with reduced dust and noise levels thanks to the low speed rotor.

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