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ZBS - Lumps and Purgings

Zerma ZBS Shredder - Compact

ZSS, ZPS & ZIS - All Rounders

Zerma ZSS Shredder - Plastic size reduction

ZHS - Horizontal Shredders

Zerma ZHS Shredder - Size Reduction

ZXS - Heavy Duty Shredders

Zerma ZXS Shredder

ZRS - Pipe Shredders

Zerma ZRS Shredder

ZTS - Tire Shredders

NEW | ARS 1200


Twin-Shaft Shredder


The new 2-shaft shredder can be used for a variety of application such as the milling of plastic containers, processing rugs in the automotive industry
and shredding waste rubber. The machine can be adjusted to suit different applications.


Shredders - Size Reduction from Zerma

Thanks to their well-engineered design with a low speed, high torque geared drive, Zerma single-shaft shredders make easy work of most shredding tasks, including; plastic, wood, paper, as well as various waste materials.

As well as delivering a consistent and high quality output, another key benefit of this unique rotor design is the reduced energy costs as a result of low electricity peaks. 

Key machine benefits include:

  • Low speed, high torque rotor
  • Easy integration with other Zerma machines 
  • Four-sided cutting teeth
  • Economical design
  • Small footprint compared with similar alternatives
Tire shredder machine

Spare Parts

Zerma shredders are often used for the preliminary size reduction of materials. This can be an important stage in the recycling process; particularly for applications dealing with large and heavy materials that could not be processed directly by the granulator.

To ensure the longevity of your machine, we supply a full range of off-the-shelf spare parts and machine servicing options. We recommend undertaking regular servicing of your shredder in order to maximise efficiency and minimize machine downtime. Our supply of spare parts comprises a full range of options to best suit your machine, and can be delivered directly to your operation in very little time.


Our range of spare parts includes:

  • Granulator blades 
  • Shredder knives
  • Screens 
  • Pulveriser tools 
  • Standard parts, e.g. bolts and V-belts

For more information on the Zerma range of single-shaft shredders, spare parts and services, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today. 


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