PET Recycling

PET is prized for its thermo-stability and can be recycled up to 7 times before thermal degradation will undermine its crystalline structure. This stability has made PET the most recycled plastic in the world today, with 92% of local councils in the UK collecting PET for recycling.

PE Recycling

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic homopolymer used in vast array of applications due to its variable crystalline structure. With approximately 10m tonnes produced each year PE is one of the most used polymers in the world today. Polyethylene is produced in various forms depending on its intended use including but not limited to LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and UHMW.

Container Recycling

Rotajet design and manufacture a full range of container washers to allow them to be reused. Once they have reached their end of life, it is important to retrieve the valuable materials by recycling the containers with a Rotajet plastic container recycling system.

Battery Recycling

96% of Lead-acid batteries are recycled making them the greatest success story in the recycling industry. Rotajet have designed machinery to extract the valuable commodities whilst minimising the hazards present from both the lead and sulphuric acid.

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Recycling Plastics with Rotajet Systems

Rotajet specialise in the design and manufacture of fully integrated, turnkey plastic recycling plants. With over 500 machines worldwide, we’ve worked with the worlds biggest names to create industry-leading standards for the washing, drying, granulation and separation of recycled material.

We take care of everything; from trials and studies right through to installation and training for our larger integrated systems. 

On-Site Trials

At our dedicated pilot plant in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, we run extensive on-site trials for all non-standard contamination and materials. This allows us to calculate the mass balances, effluent streams, and work out efficient process routes.

Once pilot trials have been conducted, Rotajet recommend that a full design study is carried out. Below is an outline of a typical study.

Design Studies

  • General arrangement drawing 
  • Building layout drawing 
  • Machine services drawing 
  • Individual machine layout drawing 
  • System foundation load drawing 
  • Operator panel layout
  • Motor rating and power consumption 
  • System services 
  • Machine equipment specification and machine weights 
  • Electrical equipment specification
  • PID
  • Process flow
  • System control
  • Operator requirements 
  • Waste stream and sizes 
  • Maintenance schedule 
  • Service plan
  • Recommended spares list 

If you would like more specific information about how a Rotajet Systems can help revolutionise how you handle and process material, please speak to our technical advisers by following the link below. 

operation of a plastic recycling plant

Contact Rotajet

We aim to get back to any enquiry within 12 hours, so please contact us if you are interested in a specific machine or would like to discuss an individual cleaning application. Our friendly team are happy to help via email at or by phone on +44 (0) 1924 271446.