Recycling WEEE waste plastics

The Solution to Recycling WEEE Plastics

With an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items discarded by householders and companies in the UK alone, WEEE waste plastic recycling, if done correctly, can represent an exciting investment for waste management companies.

With the introduction of the WEEE directive the responsibility for putting schemes in place for the retrieval of WEEE wast plastic products from the consumer has been put on the distributor. This is not only making a change ecologically but also offers new economic opportunities for recyclers.

Approximately 500,000 tonnes of WEEE items were collected last year and this is predicted to rise by 12% over 2019. We can see the increase here at Rotajet, with enquiries for WEEE plastics lines increasing consistently over the same period.

We offer standardised lines for the size reduction, separation, washing, drying and bagging of WEEE waste plastics. To account for our customers varying needs and capacities our lines range in size from 500Kg to 2 Tonnes per hour.

The table below shows the predicted yields of different types of plastics as a percentage of the total volume processed by the line

PP/PE 20%
ABS/PS 40%
Low Value Plastics 48%
Metals and Others 2%

If you are interested in learning more about how a Rotajet WEEE Plastics line can be implemented at your site, please get in touch through the link below. Our technical advisers will review your requirements and be in touch shortly

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