Plastic Prewashers

Plastic prewashers are a screw auger washing system and are typically used for removing high loads of contamination prior to friction washing.

Rotajet PW plastic prewashers are fitted with a wash section in which liquid is sprayed at high pressure and flow. The resulting wash liquid impinges on the surface of the plastic being transferred through the incline conveyor. The impact from the spray removes surface dirt, grease and other contaminants from the plastic.

For more demanding cleaning applications, a heated detergent solution can be used. The wash liquor and contamination drains down the incline screw into a vibrating sieve. The vibratory sieve filters the solution, which is then pumped to storage tanks for reuse.

Plastic Prewashers - Maintenance

To maintain operating temperatures, heating can be fitted to the bulk storage tanks. Rotajet PW Plastic prewashers can be manufactured in various sizes, from a small system capable of 500 kilos per hour, up to machines with throughput capacities of 6 tons per hour.

Rotajet PW plastic prewashers are used for removing contaminants from PET bottles, and HDPE bottles prior to wet granulation. The removal of contaminants with a pre-washer will increase the blade life of the wet granulation systems.

Plastic Prewashers2

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