Plastic Recycling Machinery

With over 30 years experience, Rotajet Systems Ltd. continue to lead the way in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic recycling, drying, washing and plastic separation machinery. We handle size reduction, conveying, material separation, washing, bagging and depacking for the recycling industry. 

The development of efficient plastic recycling technologies has become critical to both the ecological and economic security of businesses across the globe. Recent developments in environmental policies to fight plastic pollution are creating huge opportunities across the globe within the plastic recycling industries.

Rotajet are creating cutting edge recycling equipment enabling our customers to achieve high throughput rates with little labour output. Our machines are modular in design and can be scaled to suit any application from standalone machines to turnkey plastic recycling plants.

Remote Monitoring

Managing a plastic recycling facility can be a complex and demanding task so we have made sure our equipment provides a streamlined user experience. Remote monitoring is incorporated into each of our lines to provide operational data to allow you to manage your site from wherever you are.

Monitor your equipment and create early warning systems to alert you by phone when servicing or spares need replacing. We can also offer remote support if you chose to provide access to Rotajets engineers allowing us to help optimise your system.

System Design

Our engineering department undertake full design studies for each plastic recycling plant we produce. This ensures your system is optimised for your individual application and accounts for any specific logistical issues your operation may face.

If you are wishing to integrate Rotajet products to enhance the capacity of your existing system, our team can work directly with your engineers to optimise the design. Once this process is completed you will receive the package of documentation for your approval prior to the start of fabrication.