Altero Plastic pelletizing machine. Yellow industrial machine for pelletizing plastic into plastic pellets

Altero Plastic Pelletizing Machine Solutions

Integrate an Altero’s plastic pelletizing machine into your Rotajet’s recycling process. The alliance will streamline the recycling process and provide customers with a complete recycling package with a pelletising solution.

Achieve Maximum Performance

Altero machines provide a series of pelletizing solutions to suit your application.  Easily retrofitted into any Rotajet or any other existing line, this is a streamline solution to produce refined uniform plastic pellets that are suitable for immediate reuse and 

Plastic pelletizing machine 3D render
  • High performance compactor

    This first conditions the material so that the extruder can work at full performance and energy consumption is reduced. This is obtained by cutting, mixing, heating and drying the material. Removing the residual moisture is equal to a first degassing stage.

  • Double high-power degassing stage

    Thanks to the screw optimum design when pre-heating the material in the compactor and to a powerful vacuum degassing, maximum efficiency can be obtained to eliminate gasses and volatiles.

  • Efficient temperature control

    Barrel cooling using thermal oil to precisely and efficiently control the temperature

  • Reducing energy and time consumption

    By using infra-red barrel reheating: Energy consumption is reduced by 60%.. The time taken to reach the target temperature by is reduced down 50%.

  • Performance tracking

    Digital sheet with all relevant information on in progress or completed production and monitor maintenance of the machines.

Find a plastic pelletizing machine suitable for your plastic applications:

Altero VELOX

Designed for recycling the most difficult to process plastic waste.


Optimised design for recycling industrial plastics with little ink or moisture.

man operating a plastic pelletizing machine using the touchscreen interface on the control panel

Before: Clean, Dry granulate from Rotajet Plastic recycling line

After: Pelletised plastic pellets suitable for reuse

The partnership between Rotajet and Altero focuses on post-consumer plastic waste, aligning perfectly with the shared commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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