Mechanical Plastic Dryers - Vertical ​

Our mechanical plastic dryers have been specifically designed to reduce moisture levels from rigid plastics quickly and easily.

Rotajet manufacture the MDV series of vertical mechanical plastic dryers, this type of dryer is the most efficient way of dewatering granulated and shredded plastics. Our mechanical dryers can reduce moisture levels for rigid plastics down to around 1%. The machine is fitted with a Rotor which rotates at high speed (approx. 1350rpm).

Driven by a screw conveyor, the wet plastics are fed into the Rotajet mechanical dryer where the plastic particles or flakes are impacted by the rotating rotor. The impact from the Rotor paddles creates centrifugal force to drive the plastic particles to the outside of the dryer. The moisture is removed from the surface of the plastic particles and is driven through our easy to change, dewatering fixed screens. The impact of the high-speed paddle also forces the dried material up through the machine to the output mouth.

During the drying process contaminants such as paper pulp, dust and dirt build up against the screen. To combat this, our mechanical dryers are fitted with outside spray bars making the contaminants simple to remove. The unwanted materials are then removed from the dryer by either a screw auger conveyor or a stator pump, depending on your application. These additions to a standard mechanical dryer system radically decrease processing downtime and thereby drastically increase your overall throughput rate. 

After the material has been processed by the Rotajet mechanical dryer, the resulting dried plastic is normally sent for bagging off or for further processing through a Rotajet Zigzag separator.

vertical plastic dryer

Features & Benefits​

Rotajet vertical dryers are intelligently designed to keep processing downtime to a minimum. Spray bars are fitted to remove unwanted materials quickly and easily.

All our drying systems have been designed to make your installation process as simple as possible, making it easy to add a Rotajet mechanical dryer into any production line.

Using kinetic energy, centrifugal force and air pressure to drive the material through the machine generates a throughput rate that is unbeatable by standard mechanical dryers.

Thanks to the design of our mechanical dryers’ moisture levels in the input materials are quickly reduced to less than 1%.

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