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The Solution to Recycling Plastic Film

Plastic film is typically manufactured from either polyethylene or polypropylene and if recycled correctly can achieve a high profit margin as a recycled polymer. Traditionally plastic films have created huge problems in recycling lines. Films can get wrapped around machinery, reducing its efficiency and potential machine downtime. This has led to the majority of plastic film being rejected from plastic recycling facilities and being sent either to energy from waste centres or unfortunately straight to landfill.

With many local authorities as well as many major supermarkets now providing dedicated plastic film collections many pure film waste streams now exist creating an opportunity for a uniformed infeed material. This has created a huge opportunity for the industry to tap into a previously difficult source of recyclable polymer.

To account for this shift in the market Rotajet have developed a series of standard plastic film recycling lines that can handle capacities ranging between 500Kg to 3MT per hour. The typical process flow is outlined below.

Plastic film Recycling plant
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plastic granulator for size reduction of waste plastics


Final removal of contaminates


Separate plastics with Rotajet sink float tanks


plastic granulator


horizontal plastic dryer side view

Screw Compactor

screw compactor
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ShredderIn typical situations a shredder is used for the initial size reduction of the material. The feed stock is normally reduced down to a shred of 40-50mm.

RJ-FW/22 – The shredded material is then passed through a high performance friction washer which removes contaminants with the both the impingement from the water jets as well as the pulverising action of the high speed rotary paddles.

RJ-HKS50A sink float is used to separate the plastic film from contamination such as dust and sand. Typically recommend the sink float prior to the granulator to protect the granulator from adhesive materials which would cause undue wear

RJ-GR55/w ­– Our robust wet granulators reduce the particle size into a uniformed recycled plastic suitable for resale

RJ-MD-55This horizontal mechanical dryer is the most efficient way of dewatering granulated and shredded plastics. The machine is fitted with a Rotor which rotates at high speed (approx. 1450rpm). To ensure our dryers are simple to maintain, the rotor is fitted with easy to change wear paddles manufactured from D2 steel.

RJ-SCFinally one of our screw presses is used to squeeze out the remaining moisture to allow for efficient extrusion.

To discuss how a Rotajet plastic film recycling line can be integrated into your facility please contact our technical team who can talk through your individual circumstance so we can provide tailored advice.

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