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We’ve worked with some of the largest reconditioning companies in the world to offer full, turnkey container recycling solutions for containers, drums and IBCs. From reconditioning containers for reuse, through to their safe disposal to full recycling systems; producing plastic granulate suitable for resale into the market.

When an IBC fails a pressure test, indicating it is no longer suitable for reuse, it must be disposed of in a suitable manner. Many options for disposal represent a significant cost to the reconditioning company. Rotajet’s container recycling lines allow our customers to retrieve all of the valuable materials and process them into commodities suitable for resale.

Depending on your business’s operation, a container recycling line may be supplied as a standalone system or as part of a larger reconditioning facility. Below is a typical process flow for our container recycling line.

IBC infeed of recycling system

The Process of Container Recycling

progress arrows


plastic granulator for size reduction of waste plastics


Final removal of contaminates


Separate plastics with Rotajet sink float tanks


plastic granulator


horizontal plastic dryer side view

Screw Compactor

screw compactor
progress arrows

Shredder The container is fed into a shredder, typically by a flighted incline belt conveyor. This initial size reduction shreds the container down to roughly 70mm to increase the surface area of the plastic; making the material suitable for further processing.

RJ-FW/22 – The shredded plastics are then fed into a friction washer, mounted on an incline. The material is subjected to water as well as the pulverising action of the rotating paddles. This process removes any remaining contaminants before pushing them out through the surrounding hexagonal screen.

RJ-GR This powerful wet granulator ensures an even particle size so that your final product is suitable for resale into the market. Durable and efficient, our granulators are completely welded and have a heavy steel construction; making them capable of withstanding the most demanding requirements present in the industry.

RJ-MD-55 – This horizontal mechanical dryer is the most efficient way of dewatering granulated and shredded plastics. Our mechanical dryers can reduce moisture levels for rigid plastics down to around 1%. The machine is fitted with a rotor which rotates at high speed (approx. 1450rpm). To ensure our dryers are simple to maintain, the rotor is fitted with easy-to-change wear paddles manufactured from D2 steel.

RJ-DB-ZZ Finally, a zig-zag separator is used to remove any remaining fines, ensuring a product quality suitable for extrusion.

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Rotajet Container Washing Systems

When containers like IBCs, Drums, and Small Containers are no longer suitable for their intended use, recycling the material can offer a much more cost efficient and environmentally-friendly option to alternatives like landfilling.
Using a Rotajet Pressure Tester can help to find out when a container has come to the end of its lifespan, by identifying any faults including hairline cracks on the container. Testing the containers like this can make sure that they are taken out of production to avoid spillages that could potentially lead to loss of product and/or health and safety risks
As well as full container recycling lines, Rotajet also manufactures standalone machines to take care of individual stages in the process. These modular machines allow us to tailor solutions to each customer, whilst taking into account their varying industry needs and applications. 
These standalone machines include:
●   Shredders
●   Washing
●   Separation
●   Granulation
●   Drying
●   Screw Compactors
Rotajet’s recycling machinery can offer a full and comprehensive solution to recycling IBCs, drums, and small containers. Taking care of each stage of the processRotajet’s full recycling lines require very little operator input and can leave you with a quality end product from the initial infeed material.

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Recycling Plants

Rotajet produces a full range of recycling plants for taking care of; PP, PE, PET, Containers, WEEE, Film, Batteries, and Mixed Rigids. This video shows a full plastic recycling line.

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