Plastic Washers

Washing plastic is a critical step in recycling as all contaminants must be removed during processing. Rotajet manufacture a range of plastic washers that are used all over the world to strip dirt, food, oils and greases from end consumer waste materials.

Washing Plastic - An Overview

All post consumer plastics are covered in a range of contaminates including oils, grease, foodstuff as well as biological waste. In order to produce high-quality plastic resins suitable for resale it is imperative that the source of plastics are free of any contamination that may be present. Depending on the level of contamination this may be completed in one process or during several stages of decontamination.

Bulk decontamination is normally conducted before final size reduction and separation as this prolongs the life of the downstream equipment, minimising downtime. Typically a Rotajet RW Prewasher is used to remove bulk contaminates that may damage blades or create blockages. Rotajet RDW Rotary washers or Rotajet Friction Washers is then used for the further removal of contaminates to achieve optimum efficiency.

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