Zerma ZBS Shredder - Plastic lumps and Purging's

Zerma ZBS Shredders are a fast way of allowing the reintroduction of polymers lost in lumps and purging’s back into your extrusion process. 

One of the most common uses of plastic shredding is processing the waste products of plastic extrusion know as plastic ‘lumps’. Disposing of unused purge lumps is very expensive and recycling them instead hold huge economic potential.

Why recycle lumps and purging?
Recycling your lumps offer the possibility of seamlessly reintegrating your scraps back into production which will reduce your material use and the use of new resources

Our solution to plastic lumps and purging
The ZBS series of single-shaft shredders offer an affordable solution to the size reduction of lumps and purgings.

Like  all ZERMA machines,  the  ZBS series of shredders  are  engineered  to  handle continuous operation whilst being easy to service and ensuring top performance and great results.

Each shredder in the ZBS series comes equipped with the proven ZERMA knife holder and knife design, as well as a tangential infeed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system.


  • Compact and manoeuvrable design
  • Plug and play controls…
    Which make this machine very flexible and ready to go in no time.
  • User-friendly design…
    its operation, cleaning and maintenance work is a breeze.
  • Relatively low noise level…With a low speed of 60rpm, combined with the compact design of the ZBS shredders.
  • Option to feed the machine manually or by conveyor, material discharge can be done via conveyor or directly into a drop box.

The ZBS shredders are supplied with outboard bearings and 310mm diameter flat E-type rotors with 600 or 850mm width driven by an oversized geared motor.

Machine benefits include:

  • Affordable solution for small lumps
  • Simple upgrade for existing granulation system
  • Easy to move and place
  • Tangential infeed avoids the need for a hydraulic pusher
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Advanced controls
  • Easy integration with other ZERMA equipment
Zerma ZBS shredder - Lumps and Purgings
TYPE 600 850
Rotor diameter (mm) 310 310
Rotor width (mm) 560 840
Rotor speed (rpm) 61 61
Drive capacity (kW) 11 18.5
Rotor knives (pcs) 26 40
Stator blades (rows) 1 1
Screen size (mm) >16 >16
Effective working area (mm) 490 x 550 490 x 830
Weight approx. (kg) 1400 1500

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Rotajet supplies and services a full range of AMIS shredders for the size reduction of various materials, across a wide range of applications. 

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