Size Reduction

Size reduction is a crucial step when processing plastic ready for reuse. Plastics are reduced in size, usually between 6 – 10mm, and then cleaned, dried and separated into reusable plastic granules.

Size reduction - plastic shredder


size reduction - granulator


size reduction - integrated systems

Why is size reduction so important?

Reducing the size of the plastic material is a vital part of recycling plastics for three main reasons:

1. Reducing the particle size of the processed material increased the surface area present. This results in a reduced energy requirement during washing and drying, thereby reducing operational costs.

2. Sink Float tanks are typically used to separate plastics according to their density. Uniform particle sizes ensure the reliability and efficiency of this separation process

3. In standard situations plastic resin is sold according to its weight and purity. Reducing the particle size of the final product increases the density of resin contained within any given space. In turn, this process lowers the associated costs involved in transportation and storage.

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