ZSS, ZPS & ZIS - The sturdy all Rounders

ZSS Shredders: General purpose shredder. Has the option to be equipped with the taller, heavier, ZPS-style hydraulic ram to suit the shredder to heavy applications such as pipes and heavy purgings.

ZPS Shredders: Larger ram than the ZSS model, this shredder is best suited for heavy applications such as the size reduction of pipes.

ZIS Shredders: Ideal to size reduce large, hollow products (e.g. drums, IBCS, and barrels), This shredder features an internal ram to increase the capacity of the cutting chamber, without increasing the machine’s footprint.

With dual speed hydraulic feeders to ensure high efficiency, The ZSS, ZPS and ZIS series of shredders has been designed to suit a range of applications:

  • General in-house recycling- electronic waste
  • Organic materials- paper, wood, woven bags
  • Forms of plastic- IBC’s, pipes, bales

Each of the shredders in this series can be fine-tuned to suit specific applications with different knife and screen designs, rotor cooling, hard facing, and other wear options. Depending on input material and the recycling process, the shredded material can either be used directly or processed further; for example, in the GSH granulator.

Equipped with a powerful two-speed swing ram design to eliminate the risk of wearing  or blocking out internal guide rails. The ZERMA rotor of each machine features a large diameter and unique knife and knife-holder design to easily manage a variety of in-feed materials.

Oversized bearings, shafts, and hydraulic screens with each machine ensure a consistent quality of product and a long service life. Hydraulic screen cradles and PLC controls are supplied as standard on all machines meaning maintenance is made hassle-free whilst machines downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Machine benefits include:

  • Oversized gearboxes with high torque
  • Oversized shafts and bearings
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Hydraulic feeders without guide rails
  • Bolted knife and knife holders
  • 35% more space in the cutting chamber for the ZIS Series
  • Low speed, high torque gear drive
  • Smaller footprint compared to traditional shredders with horizontal pushers
  • Bolted in drive shafts
  • Multiple rotor designs and materials
  • Two speed hydraulic comes standard

For more information on the ZSS, ZPS and ZIS series of sturdy, allrounder shredders, get in touch with a member of our team today. We aim to get back to each enquiry within 24 hours.

Single Shaft shredder zerma


Type 1200 1500 2000
Rotor diameter (mm) 457 457 457
Rotor width (mm) 1130 1410 1970
Rotor speed (rpm) 74 74 74
Drive capacity (kW) 55 75 2 x 75
Rotor knives (pcs) 54/81 68/102 96/ 144
Stator blades (rows) 1 1 1
Ram feeder drive (kW) 5.5 5.5 5.5
Screen size (mm) >40 >40 >40
Cutting chamber volume (m3) 2.15 2.7 3.75
Effective working area (mm) 1400 x 1010 1400 x 1290 1400 x 1850
Weight approx. (kg) 5000 6400 8800


Type 850 1200 1500 2000
Rotor diameter (mm) 457 457 457 457
Rotor width (mm) 850 1200 1500 2000
Rotor speed (rpm) 74 74 74 74
Drive capacity (kW) 37/55 55/75 75/90 2 x 55/ 2 x 75
Rotor knives (pcs) 40/60 54/81 68/102 96/144
Stator blades (rows) 1 1 1 1
Ram feeder drive (kW) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Screen size (mm) >40 >40 >40 >40
Cutting chamber volume (m3) 1.37 1.82 2.27 3.16
Effective working area (mm) 800 x 770 800 x 1050 800 x 1330 800 x 1890
Weight approx. (kg) 5100 5900 6600 8600

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Rotajet supplies and services a full range of AMIS shredders for the size reduction of various materials, across a wide range of applications. 

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