PVCR’s Capacity Increased By Two Thirds With Rotajet Partnership

In recent months, Rotajet has been working alongside PVCR to upgrade their existing PVC window recycling plant in Runcorn, UK.

As the old saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the… Rotajet engineers’.

PVCR Ltd, member of the Rehau Group, are the largest recycler of UPVC in the North West, processing over 13,200 tonnes of postconsumer doors and windows per year. 

Making it their mission to “minimise waste at every opportunity”, PVCR stays finger-to-pulse with the PVC market; ensuring that their operation is running at maximum efficiency. On top of this, Rehau Group is one of the world’s largest polymer-based solutions providers with sites in more than 170 locations, across 54 countries worldwide.

And with amounts of post-consumer PVC growing year on year, the market is showing increased opportunity across the UK. But when business expands, so should the machinery. In order to correlate with these levels of expansion, PVCR have opted to increase their capacity and maximise the productivity of their recycling facility.

To help in this mission, PVCR has been working in partnership with machine manufacturers, Rotajet Systems Ltd, at their plant in Runcorn, UK. Undertaking this project under lockdown restrictions, Rotajet Systems managed to stay on track for the install and say they were happy with the results.

Rotajet Director and Project Manager, Carl Mason, says of the project “it was a successful install and was delivered on time, to a good quality. This was achieved by working alongside PVCR and Amis to identify key areas that could be upgraded to meet the throughput requirements of the operation.”

In this case, the throughput requirements were to increase the existing capacity by two thirds; resulting in a 66% increase in the amount of PVC being processed daily.

To achieve this, Rotajet worked alongside engineers at PVCR and granulator supplier Amis to identify the key restrictions and areas to improve in the plant, leading to a number of machinery upgrades and installations.

Some of these updates included; installing a new granulator and dryer, upgrade to PLC, as well as other various electrical updates and machine commissioning.

After months in the making, the project was successfully commissioned and signed off over Easter, meaning that PVCR can continue to be the largest PVC recycler in the UK.

With a similar perspective on the project, Operations Manager Ceri Davies has said that “Recycling of PVC window frames is a tough business and the demands on equipment is severe. However, Rotajet has continually installed equipment to plan, on-time and with the expert engineering knowledge and flexibility necessary for such undertakings.

Post-installation, Rotajet has provided thorough and detailed recommendations to remediate issues and snags as well focus tenacity to resolve on-going issues.”

The success of these updates has even led to prospects of a future partnership between PVCR and Rotajet, with Carl Mason saying, “Rotajet continues to work with the site to install and develop the current system and maximise productivity with a varied waste stream.”

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