Rotajet Systems has recently installed a Gemini VW pan washing machine at the Belzona Polymerics Limited headquarters based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Belzona are a global leader in the design and manufacture of repair composite materials and industrial protective coatings.

Belzona -A Brief History

1952 -Originally named ‘Northern Metalife Limited’, Belzona was founded by Danish entrepreneur Jorgen Svendsen (1921-1999).

1957 -the Belzona company moved to Harrogate, North Yorkshire, where they pioneered the development of innovative polymer technology that has revolutionised the ways in which repair and maintenance procedures are carried out within industrial and commercial facilities, with substantial investment in research and development and manufacturing.

1990’s Belzona moved into the new Belzona Technology Centre facilities in Harrogate, UK, which were officially opened on 4th July 1992.

Today – Belzona are continuing to develop market driven solutions to meet the consistent demand of industry and commerce, They now have a global distribution network of over 140 distributors and have offices located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Belzona provide an extensive range of surface coating solutions to suit a variety of industries across the globe. Their specifications ensure an exceptional standard of long-term repair and protection thanks to their experience and know how which has been that is built on over six decades.

Rotajet are thrilled to have a machine installed in their Harrogate location, not only will the machine provide a seamless washing solution for pails, it also benefits to creating a circular system for the protective coating industry.

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About the machine

The Gemini VW pan washer is a vessel washing machine and will play an essential role within the facility to process  large contaminated vessels at the Belzona facility.

This machine successfully cleans using a combination of two elements:

  1. Mechanical actions – a series of rotating brushes agitates the contaminants and help remove the solvents from the surface. Different brush qualities are available (e.g. Stainless steel, PE.) and are shaped depending on the type of product and vessel configuration.
  2. Liquid cleaning additive– this helps break down the contaminants which helps speed along the process

These features together allow this system to provide a thorough and accurate clean while being incredibly energy efficient in just as little as 5 minutes.  For ease of use, the machine is fully automated and is fitted within a HMI panel in which cleaning parameters can be saved for other products being cleaned.

Gemini pan washing system gemiClean VW

Have you heard the news? Rotajet and Gemini have joined forces to drive change towards a circular economy.

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Rotajet are pleased to announce that they are now the UK and Ireland agents for Gemini Techniek B.V suppliers of the pan washer. Gemini manufacture a range of high quality equipment used in the surface coating industry such as filling, dispensing and cleaning systems for pails, drums, containers and IBC’s. Along with Rotajet’s vast range of washing solutions, this partnership between both parties offers broader solutions and benefits towards creating a circular solution.

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