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Rotajet Feed Hoppers


Screw auger feed hoppers and belt conveyor hoppers


Rotajet feed hoppers

Rotajet Feed Hopper for plastic shred

Rotajet manufacture a range of feed hoppers used in the plastic recycling and general industries. Depending on the application the hopper can be manufactured from mild steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless, the hopper can be manufactured from few cubic meters to very large multi chamber hoppers.

Plastic Recycling Feed Hoppers

Generally in the plastic recycling industry the feed hoppers are fitted with screw auger conveyors for the discharge. For normal applications we fit single screw discharge augers, the diameter of the screw augers depends on the throughput requirement. In large plastic recycling facilities we fit multiply screw augers. The multi screw system avoids bridging and blockages, the torque of the screws are monitored via the PLC, if a blockage occurs the screws can be run at different speeds and directions to free the blockage.

Rotajet feed hopper sent for shipping

Feed hoppers for anaerobic digestion companies (AD recycling):

Rotajet manufactured feed hopper for the AD industry, the feed hoppers are manufactured in 304 stainless steel and fitted with high torque screw augers. The feed hoppers are fitted with fully interlocked inspection hatches and fitted with PLC for online torque monitoring.

Feed hoppers for C&D waste and aggravates:

Rotajet manufacture feed hoppers for C&D waste, the hoppers are fitted with high strength belt conveyors, and driven from the underneath using high torque drives. This type of feed hopper is also used Sand, soil, chalk, ore, topsoil, green waste and many more



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