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Rotajet screw washing machine


Rotajet screw auger washing machines for plastic granulate

Rotajet Screw Washing Machine


The Rotajet SW washing machine is a screw auger washing system, generally the machine are used for removal of high loads of contamination to rinsing and further processing. The Rotajet SW plastic washer is fitted with a wash section is which wash liquid is sprayed at high pressure and flow, the resulting wash liquor impinges on the surface of the plastic being transferred up the incline conveyor. The wash liquor and contamination drains down the incline screw into a vibratory sieve. The vibratory sieve filters the solution which is then pumped to storage tanks for reuse. The washed plastic is then fed into a rinsing screw for final cleaning.

Heating can be fitted to the bulk storage tanks.
Rotajet SW for removal of heavy contamination