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Rotajet Rotary plastic drum washer


Rotary drum washing machine for removal of chemcial contamination from shredded plastics

Rotajet Rotary Plastic Drum Washer

     Rotajet RDW drum rotary washing machine   RDW25 Wash and Rinse Plastic Washer


The Rotajet RDW Rotary washing machine is a Rotating Archimedes drum, the contaminated shredded plastic are fed into the machine via. Infeed conveyor fitted with magnet separation. The Rotajet RDW plastic washer is fitted with a wash and rinse section, the shredded plastic is transferred through the drum and is initially washed with a heated  1% caustic solution at 65-70°C, the caustic ensures that any residual chemicals, oils or grease is removed from the shredded plastics.

The washed plastics are then transferred into the rinsing section in which the plastic is rinsed with water to ensure all chemical residues are removed. The Rotajet RDW washers are available from the RDW25 which process up to 250 kilos per hour depending on the being processed, upto the RDW75 which processes upto 3000 kilos per hour. For higher throughput applications we would recommend that Rotajet screw conveyor washers. All RDW systems are fitted with integral sumps and all wash and rinse liquids are filtered prior to reuse this maximum working life of the wash and rinse solutions.

Generally used for plastic contaminated with chemicals, oils and greases. The RDW system can also be used as a pre wash for removal of inert particle, glass sand etc…to protect up stream wet granulators and other high speed rotating equipment.