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Rotajet Plastic Friction Washers


Plastic Friction washers for processing highly contaminated film flakes and rigid granulate


Rotajet Friction Washers 


The Rotajet Plastic Friction Washers are used to wash highly contaminated plastic films and intensively wash PET and rigid bottle flakes and granulate. Normally the Rotajet friction washers are located after wet granulation and prior to Rotajet float sink tanks.

The Rotajet friction washer consists of a high speed rotor mounted into the housing by two bearings top and bottom, around the Rotor, there is a full hexagonal screen. The Rotor and screen are housed in a robustly manufactured frame mounted on an incline.

The liquid and plastic granulate mix from the wet granulator, is fed into the base of the Rotajet friction washer. High speed rotating paddles force the liquid and granulate mix to the outside screen, the liquid and contaminates pass through the screen, the plastic granulate is driven forward, up the screen at high speed to the material outlet at the top. The screen is fitted with outside spray bars to keep the screen clean and free of plastic dust and paper pulp. For highly contaminated material a pneumatic screen cleaner can be fitted to scrap the screens clean, this is used in conjunction with the spray bars.

The Rotajet friction washers are manufactured with easy to replace D2 paddles, and quick release internal screens.
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