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Rotajet Plastic Thermal Dryers


Rotajet plastic thermal drying systems for plastics

Rotajet RDD Plastic Thermal Dryers

Rotajet RJMD55 plastic thermal dryer Rotajet plastic thermal dryer internal drum


The Rotajet RDD Rotary thermal dryer is a rotating Archimedes drum dryer, the wet shredded plastic are fed into the machine via. Incline conveyor. The wet plastic is transferred through the at dryer, the dryer is fitted with a high volume hot air blower, the used hot air is recirculated for resuse, and this ensures an operating temperature is achieved in a short cycle time. Typically the Rotajet RDD thermal dryers are used when very low moistures are required or when a there is a waste heat energy from a plant; the waste heat can be transferred via. heat exchanger into drying plastics.