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Rotajet Plastic Mechanical Dryers horizontal


Rotajet high speed mechanical plastic dryers

Rotajet mechanical dryers horizontal


Rotajet manufacture the MD series of horizontal mechanical dryers, this type of dryer is the most efficient way of dewatering granulated and shredded rigid plastics a film down to moisture levels around 1% (for rigids.) The machine is fitted with a Rotor which rotates at high speed (1450rpm typically), the rotor is fitted with easy to change wear paddles manufactured from D2 steel.

The wet plastics are fed into the Rotajet Mechanical dryer using a screw conveyor, once in the dryer , the plastic particles or flakes are impacted by the rotating rotor. The impact from the Rotor paddles, drive the plastic particles to the outside of the dryer using centrifuge force, the moisture is removed from the surface of the plastic particles and is driven through the dewatering fixed screens. The dried plastic is transferred through the dryer with by further impacts from the paddles and air flow created by the high speed paddle.

The Rotajet mechanical dryers are fitted with cleaning outside spray bars, and a pneumatic screen scrapper to keep the screens free of paper pulp, dust, dirt etc…
The dust and dirt are removed from the dryer using either a screw auger conveyor or a stator pump

After the Rotajet mechanical dryer, the resulting dried plastic is normally either sent for bagging off, or for further processing through a Rotajet Zig Zag separator.