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Full Integrated Recycling Systems


At Rotajet we design, manufacture and install fully integrated plastic recycling plants. We have standard designs for 500 kilos, 1000 kilos and 2000 kilos per hour systems for rigid plastics and plastics films.

If the contamination is non standard we can conduct a series of on-site trials in our pilot plant. This will allow us to calculate the mass balances, effluent streams and work out efficient process routes.

Below is a brief outline of our pilot plant.

Design studies:

Once pilot trials have be conducted out, Rotajet recommend that a full design study is carried out, below is outline of a typical study:


  • General arrangement drawing 
  • Building layout drawing 
  • Machine services drawing 
  • Individual machine layout drawing 
  • System foundation load drawing 
  • Operator panel layout

Machine specification:

  • Motor rating and power consumption 
  • System services 
  • Machine equipment specification and machine weights 
  • Electrical equipment specification

Process Information:

  • PID
  • Process flow
  • System control
  • Operator requirements 
  • Waste stream and sizes 

Maintenance and Spares:

  • Maintenance schedule 
  • Service plan
  • Recommended spares list