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Rotajet Systems HKS40 Float Sink to AD plant based in London

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a RJ-HKS40 Float Sink Tank to AD plant based in London, for washing waste plastics from depacking food waste.

The customer processes waste food from manufacturers and restaurants etc…The majority of the food is either in plastic packaging or wrapped in plastic bags. To gain access to the food, the packaging / bags are opened in a Hammer Mill, in which water is pumped in to create food slurry. The resulting food slurry is pumped into tanks for further processing.

Prior to installation of the Rotajet Float Sink Tank, the resulting packaging waste, which is predominately plastic bags, HDPE bottles and PS tubes contaminated with food residues, was sent to landfill. The packaging is now fed from the Hammer Mill to a Rotajet Washing Screw Conveyor, into the Rotajet HKS40 Float Sink Tank.

          Rotajet HKS40 Float Sink Tank being shipped to customer.

The Rotajet HKS40 Float Sink Tanks are fitted with five rotating paddles, which submerge and break up the material as it passes through the tank, the heavy fractions sink, and the PE/PP fractions float. Next, the material is transferred into a Rotajet Screw Press, which reduces the moisture to around 15%. The plastic is then sent for recycling. Due to the heavy contamination of waste food, the tank is continuously fed with water. The used dirty water is fed to the hammer mill for the slurry process. 

The Rotajet HKS40 Float Sink Tank are fitted with incline bottom conveyor screws to remove the sinking fraction. The HKS40 will process up to 1 ton per hour of floating fraction, and 1 ton per hour of sinking fraction. Rotajet Systems manufacture Float sink tanks ranging for 1 ton per hour floating up to 5 tons per hour.

The Rotajet Float Sink Tanks can be fitted with a number of optional extras, including automatic filtration, automatic pH adjustment, integrated spray bars, air purging systems, and many more. The Float Sink tanks manufactured by Rotajet Systems are often supplied as part of a Rotajet Plastic Recycling System, but can also be supplied as stand alone machines.

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