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Rotajet Manufactured and Installed a Rotajet MD-75v High Speed Washer/Dryer to Plastic Recycling Company

The customer is a UK based plastic recycler who previously was granulating HDPE containers.

The granulate produced contained small residues of wet dust and paper. These contaminates were having a negative effect on the price of the granulate.

The customer approached Rotajet and asked if we had an economical solution for the problem without having to invest in a Large Plastic Wash Facility. The customer’s material was trailed in a Rotajet MD-75v Plastic Washer / Dryer. The resulting material was free of dust and paper, and the material was dry. 

The customer ordered the machine, and shipped their existing granulator back to Rotajet for the Screw Feeds to be integrated. The machine has now been installed on the customer site and is producing high quality material

Rotajet MD-75v mechanical plastic dryer

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