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Rotajet Manufacture High Speed Friction Washer for Processing Shredded Drums


Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet High Speed Friction Washer to a plastic recycler for washing shredded plastic drums free of chemical contamination.

The plastic drums are first shredded in a Twin Shaft Shredder. Then, the resulting plastic and chemical mix is fed into a Rotajet Plastic Friction Washer, which is fitted with specially designed rotor spinning at 1500 RPM. The Rotor transfers the shredded plastic though the machine, while high volume washing fluid is sprayed into the washer. Due to the high centrifugal forces the water and contamination are forced through a 1mm screen and filtered, ready for reuse. The clean plastic exits the washer at high speed normally into a Rotajet MD75v mechanically, or a Float Sink Tank for material separation.



Rotajet manufacturers a full range of plastic recycling systems, used for the removal most contaminates and cleaning of most plastics. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.