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Rotajet Manufacture Float Sink Tank for Mixed Plastic Recycling Company

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently supplied a Rotajet HKS70 Float Sink Tank to a customer recycling mixed waste plastics. The machine is used for the separation of shredded PE/PP and PVC, as well as ABS at the throughput rate of 4 tons per hour.

The Rotajet HKS70 Float Sink Tank is manufactured from 304ss and is fitted with 2 x 500mms sinking fraction discharge screws, fitted with wear plates and Rotajet labyrinth seal arrangement. The Float Sink Tank is fitted with 4x rotating surface paddles and x1 weir paddle for feeding the discharge screw for the removal of the floating fraction.

The floating fraction on the Rotajet HKS70 Float Sink Tank is fitted with a 3mm screen with allows the water to drain prior to filtration and reuse.

The floating fraction separated using the Rotajet HKS70 Float Sink Tank is discharged into a Rotajet MD45 Mechanical Plastic Dryer. The Plastic Dryer achieves consistent moisture levels of <0.5%, the material is then further separated in a Rotajet “Zig Zag” Separation System before being bagged off and sold for further reprocessing.


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