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Rotajet Manufacture and Install Tamper Arm on Twin Shaft Shredder

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently retro fitted a Tamper Arm to a meltog Twin Shaft Shredder. The Twin Shaft Shredder is used for shredding 200 litre drums and shredding 25 litre containers. Due to the shape of the containers, the shredder struggled to grab the containers, resulting in the containers rolling on top and between the blades severely limiting throughput capacity.

Rotajet were asked to manufacture a tamper arm that would force the containers into the blades and increase throughput. The Rotajet Tamper Arm is mounted within the Feed Hopper, and is fitted with a hydraulic ram that is connected to the Tamper Arm.  The system is wired into the safety control of the shredder.

Rotajet supplies the tamper arms for all makes and models of Twin Shaft Shredders, Three Shaft Shredders and Four Shaft Shredders.

Rotajet can also supply new cutters for Meltog Shredders, and also undertake routine servicing work.