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Rotajet Manufacture and Install Plastic Recycling Line for Processing Hazardous Waste Drums and IBC`s

Rotajet have recently completed the manufacture and installation of a plastic recycling line for Mulberry Waste Limited in Leyland.

The system is used for shredding, washing, drying and granulating 25 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre IBC`s. Once processed, all the plastic is sold for reuse. The shredder used is a large single shaft shredder machine fitted with a dual hydraulic pusher. The containers are forced vertically and horizontally into the cutting rotor. The shredder is fitted with a 40mm screen; this ensures the plastic shred flows through the system uniformly and prevents blockages and jams.

The shredding system Rotajet use avoids the problems associated with “twin shaft shredders” that form long strands and strips. Once shredded the material is transferred into the “Rotajet RDW25 plastic washer”. The machine uses high pressure heated aqueous detergent to clean the plastic in a rotating archimedes screw. The used detergent is filtered to 300 micron using a “vibratory filter”. Once filtered, the solution is reheated in the sump and reused.

The RDW25 plastic washing machine also rinses the plastic with a heated solution to ensure the plastic is fully cleaned prior to drying in the “Rotajet RDW25 plastic dryer”. After drying the plastic is screened for metals using a “Rotajet overband magnet”. After metal screening, the plastic is fed into a high efficiency Granulator fitted with a blower that feeds a “double big bag stand and cyclone”.



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