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Rotajet Designed, Manufactured and Installed a Large Feed Hopper to AD in Croydon.

Rotajet Systems Limited recently installed a 12M3 Feed Hopper in a AD plant based in Croydon.

The feed hopper was manufactured from 304-stainless steel, and was fitted with two 500mm diameter screw conveyors driven via High Torque motors. Waste food from restaurants and food producers will be loaded into the Feed Hopper via a bucket lift. The stainless steel Feed Hopper is designed to give a uniform feed to a waste food depacker. The food slurry from the depacker is then pasteurised and pump into the AD tanks.

The waste plastic packaging produced by the depacking process is cleaned in a Rotajet HKS float sink tanks. This not only cleans up the plastic, but also separates the Polyolefins from the PVC`s and ABS. All the water used in the clean up process is pumped back to the depacker, and is used to depack and produce the slurry.



Rotajet Systems Limited manufacture a range of machinery used in the AD sector. From Feed Hoppers, Shredders, Screw Conveyors and Float Sink Tanks, to the Container Washing Machines used to wash the Wheelie Bins and Dolav Containers used to transport the waste.