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Rotajet Design and Manufacture Shredding and Separation System for Waste Cooking Oil Processor.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently completed the installation of a waste cooking oil Shredding and Separation System. The system is designed for processing waste 5 litre, 10 litre and 25 litre steel and plastic containers filled with molten and solid waste oil. The system consists of a Feed Conveyor and Feed Hopper, PickingTable, Incline Conveyor, Twin Shaft Shredder, heated elevation Screw Conveyor, Flat Belt Conveyor and Overband Magnet.

The Feed Hopper and Conveyor are loaded with full IBC`s with a Rotating Fork Truck attachment. The Feed Conveyor and Feed Hopper are located in a fully bunded area, which allows for any waste oil to be pumped into bulk storage. The container exit the feed conveyor onto a Rotajet speed controlled “Picking Belt Conveyor”, allowing the operator to remove any cardboard materials prior to shredding.

The plastic and steel containers are fed into a Twin Shaft Shredder, fitted specially designed blade arrangement, and a Rotajet Tamper Arm. The Shredder Tamper Arm ensures that the containers are processed through the Twin Shaft Shredder as quickly as possible, and avoids the containers backing up.

The shredded oils, plastic and steel drops from the Rotajet Twin Shaft Shredder into a elevated Screw Conveyor. The Rotajet Screw Conveyor is fitted with steam purge and steam jacket. This ensures any solid oil or fat is fully melted and drained from the Screw Conveyor and pumped into bulk storage. The remaining plastic and steel are further purged with steam as they are transferred up the Screw Conveyor. The material is then transferred onto a Rotajet Flat Bed Conveyor fitted with a Rotajet Overband Magnet. The plastics and metals are separated and sold for reprocessing.


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