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How Does Rotajet Machinery Help Recycling Companies with Reduction of Paper Contamination Levels

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed Rotajet “Zig Zag” Separation System into a plastic recycling company dealing with processing of HDPE flake.

Prior to the installation of the Rotajet Zig Zag Separator, the company had in place a different type of air classifier, which could not remove the high paper contamination levels, making it impossible to achieve the required throughputs.

The Rotajet Zig Zag uses high volume radial impeller fans and large diameter rotator valves to achieve maximum air flow with optimum product separation. Due to the increase purity of the HDPE regrind and increased value, the system has paid for itself in less than 6 months.



Rotajet Systems manufactures a full range of plastic recycling machinery, including plastic friction washers, float sink tanks, plastic mechanical dryers, and air separations. The machinery is supplied as stand alone or as a Full Plastic Recycling System.