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Cardboard Box Twin Shaft Shredder Supplied and Installed to Autoelectro Limited in Bradford

We have recently completed the installation of an 11kW Rotajet TS series “twin shaft shredder”, fitted with infeed conveyor and metal detection. The machine was supplied to Autoelectro Limited in Bradford.

The machine is used for shredding waste cardboard boxes into 100mm x 20mm strips; the shredded material is then used for packing to protect new starter motors and alternators in transit. The shredder is fed with a “Rotajet swan neck conveyor”, fitted with a speed controlled plastic flighted belt, and “Rotajet metal detection system”.

Rotajet supplies a range of “twin shaft shredders” ranging from 900 kilo 7.5kW machines to 26 ton 150 kW. The machines are supplied as standalone units or integrated into existing or new plant.


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