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Our machines are supplied as stand-alone plant, or as a intregrated "turn-key" system for a new or existing recycling or waste processing facility. For large systems we are typically commissioned to carry design studies.

Two Screw Acta De-baler

We have Two Screw Acta de-baler for sale, fed via an enclosed conveyor. Originally manufactured in 2000, then installed in 2005, and then re-integrated into new line in 2007. Capable of de-baling in excess of 2500 kg/hour of baled bottles. 


- Nord motor and gearbox’s drive the two powerful low speed shafts both forward and reverse to programmable sequence.

- Control panel situated locally designed by JFC, and encorporates a Castell Key safety interlock system to guarantee operator safety when entering the machine for routine cleaning and maintenance.

- The entry hatch added by JFC to allow safe internal access to the machine. It is protected a locking bolt with a Castell Key lock. The removal of the Castell Key from its active position in the control panel to open the bolt/hatch, will electrically isolate the whole machine/control panel. 


The debaler is fed via a large high sided integrated 1500 mm wide conveyor, fitted with grab chord E stops on both sides and from above. 

Rotajet Acta Two Screw De-baller  rotajet debaler plate  rotajet 2 screw acta debaler  Rotajet bale breaker control panel