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Our machines are supplied as stand-alone plant, or as a intregrated "turn-key" system for a new or existing recycling or waste processing facility. For large systems we are typically commissioned to carry design studies.

Horizontal Cross Auger

We have a Used Horizontal Cross Auger for sale. Bottles are gravity fed into the built in feed hopper of the auger from the auto-sort above. The large diameter auger (650mm) conveys the sorted bottles horizontally across a distance of 4 meters, to meet the vertical auger transferring them to the floor above.

The system was purpose built by Van Beek and installed in 2011, and has bolted access plates for routine maintenance and cleaning. 

The cross auger is driven by a heavy duty 3 kw SEW motor and gearbox delivering 58 rpm.

The system is a heavy duty energy efficient system designed to convey up to 2500 kg/hour of plastic bottles across 4 metres from the auto-sort, and vertically for 7 metres into a storage bin on the floor above. 

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