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Our machines are supplied as stand-alone plant, or as a intregrated "turn-key" system for a new or existing recycling or waste processing facility. For large systems we are typically commissioned to carry design studies.

Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450

Able to reduce up to the 80% in volume the space requred for the tube collection, is the ideal solution for the collection company looking to reduce at minimum the number of transport for the tubes.

The machine is available with different accessories as:

  • Automatic loading system for tubes with 420 mm maximal diameter and 4000 mm lenght
  • Automatic discharge system by air or conveyors



Shredding chamber    
- Chamber size mm 450
- Number of shafts n. 1
- Shafts speed rpm 250
- Number of blades n. 6
- Trasmission system   Belt drive
• Drive system    
- Electric motor n. 1
- Installed power
- Control system By PLC  
• Machine weight Kg 1900 ca.


Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Side View Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Tube Feed
Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Output  Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Shredder Cardboard   Rotajet Cardboard Tubes Crusher TT450 Cardboard Pieces​